… to exchange and to develop animation and mediation practices, which allow adult migrants, and disadvantaged persons in general, to find in themselves (following a social constructivism process) methods, techniques and tools in aim to better live together with few means…

Transnational Project Meetings

1st meeting - France

2nd meeting - Tenerife (ES)

3rd meeting - Italy

4th meeting - Finland

5th meeting - Zaragoza (ES)

6th meeting - Romania

7th meeting - Greece

8th meeting - France


Our thoughts and experience...

Our results

The expected results  of our project are:
– an online handbook for teachers and trainers (english and local languages); it will include the methods and activities whitch were shared during the project, the evaluation of their transfert by other partners this guide will be developed by the partnership. The handbook aims at supplying a global pedagogical consideration and practical suggested activities.
– a project website or blog: story telling of the transnational meetings and of the pedagogical transfers and tests at the parners’ places
– a facebook page for each partner: these pages will record the witnesses (texts, picture and videos) and the meetings (local and transnational)
– a logo for the project
– a specific page on the partner’s website (local language) with links to an english version
– on a cloud space: all the usefull documents for the management of the project

Our Facebook Page

SMILES  Project
SMILES Project
📌On the 26th of March, Vasile Gafiuc, Bucovina Institute's President, participated in the International Conference "Let's (re)DISCOVER our EUROPE", organised by Cicia (Centrul de Incubare Creativ-Inovativ de Afaceri) in Piatra Neamț, Romania, within the "Discover our Europe" Project.

During the event, which was broadcast live by ABD Reporter TV, Mr. Gafiuc held a presentation about Bucovina Institute and all the projects that are currently being implemented or have been recently, including SMILES Project 👏

📌 The entire conference is now up on YouTube:


#DiscoverourEurope #smilesproject
SMILES  Project
SMILES Project
📌Bucovina Institute promoted all the projects that are in implementation at the present moment, including the Erasmus+ ones, at a local TV channel with more than 10.000 followers. The SMILES objectives, activities, and results were presented during the broadcast. Click below to see the entire intervention. 👩‍💻👨‍💻
SMILES  Project
NEst-TV Channel
„Învață din ziua de ieri, trăiește azi și speră pentru mâine. Important este să nu te oprești niciodată din a-ți pune întrebări” – Albert Einstein Matinalul ”Dimineți cu soare” de joi, 4 februarie, vă invită să fiți interactivi, să adresați întrebări invitaților de marcă ce vor fi prezenți în studio pentru dvs: de la ora 07:30, va fi prezent viceprimarul municipiului Suceava, Teodora Munteanu, cu care vor discuta atât probleme administrative cât și subiecte politice, iar de la ora 08:30, vor fi alături de noi, Vasile Gafiuc, președinte Institutul Bucovina și Raluca Iacob, asistent social , coordonator program "Sprijin pentru persoanele vulnerabile în contextul epidemiei COVID-19”, cu subiecte de dezbatere, precum: Voluntariat în pandemie, înființarea întreprinderilor sociale, angajare prin ucenicie,și multe altele. Vă așteptăm intervențiile online, întrebările și sugestiile!!!
SMILES  Project
SMILES Project
Zoom Management meeting today, very optimistic that we can meet very soon in vivo. Let's plan the next mobility for Suceava/Romania!
SMILES  Project
SMILES Project
Never give up 💪🏻 Even our babies keep trying 💕💕

📸TT: @heather_bee23

#dontgiveup #babiesmata #tiktok
SMILES  Project
We Love Babies
Never give up 💪🏻 Even our babies keep trying 💕💕 📸TT: @heather_bee23 #dontgiveup #babiesmata #tiktok
SMILES  Project
SMILES Project
If you want to find out more about the Erasmus+ project - SMILES, including the Good Practices for social integration, click on the video below realised by SI CANARIAS (ACCSI)-project partner and Creativa NGO, organising during October 2020, in Tenerife island, an activity which consisted in an outdoor class about job searching.
SMILES  Project
SMILES  Project
SMILES Project
Buon Natale!!!

Supporting Migrants Integration Life Experience Skills

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