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Supporting Migrants Integration Life Experience Skills

Many European programs already allowed exchanges of practices between organisations helping migrants. But all these projects all focused on a classical approach on teaching and learning language, institutional knowledge, job seeking….

Our approach is totally different.
It consists for the project stake holders to exchange and to develop animation and mediation practices, which allow adult migrants, and disadvantaged persons in general, to find in themselves (following a social constructivism process) methods, techniques and tools in aim to better live together with few means.
Therefore it is not an approach tending to just insert migrants in a society, but also an approach aiming to develop exchanges and to allow everyone to do better by cooking, «doing it yourself », repairing, gardening, building, using digital tools.

Our Expected Results
The publication of an online handbook for teachers and trainers (english and local languages) that will include the methods and activities which were shared during the project, the evaluation of their transfer by other partners and this guide will be developed by the partnership. The handbook aims at supplying a global pedagogical consideration and practical suggested activities.

Project Partners

Association Formation Insertion Développement Local 

AFIDEL (Association Formation Insertion Développement Local) is primarily intended for audiences residing in rural areas and for the majority with a low level of qualification, with issues (social, family, cultural, economic) which hinder their access or maintenance in sustainable employment. Local player and present in the South of Haute Garonne for more than 30 years, Afidel is recognized for its values, its knowledge of the territory and the mastery of pedagogical and support techniques. Afidel is a non-profit training and professional support organization whose activity started in 1985.

Website: https://cocagnehautegaronne.org/nous-contacter/lafidel-2/

Asociación Canaria de Cooperación Solidaridad Internacional

Asociación Canaria de Cooperación Solidaridad Internacional is an NGO based in the Canary Islands and is working towards Education for Development. They work for the promotion of employment, basic training for disadvantaged groups and open technological and educational resources.

Website: http://solidaridadcanarias.org/ 



STPEUROPA staff works to find the best solution in your EU projects. We define with our clients their needs and we study their technical and financial capacity and availability. When their possibilities to cooperate have been defined, then we can offer the best solutions for our clients and partners.

Website: www.stpeuropa.eu

Asociatia Institutul pentru Parteneriat Social Bucovina

Support the sustainable development of the communities in Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, by establishing partnerships for learning, organizing and carrying out professional training programs and promoting continuing education.

Website: https://bucovinainstitute.org/



We are a multi-purpose social cooperative of type A + B. With the work of our members and our members we operate in the field of social, welfare, educational and rehabilitation services, on behalf of public and private entities. Our activities aim to pursue the general interests of the community for human promotion and social integration of citizens, as well as to obtain continuity of employment and the best economic, social and professional conditions for our members and our members.

Website: https://www.2001agsoc.it/ 

Edukai Oy

Edukai offers high quality and versatile education and work services as well as competence development for the customer. Educational services are expected to have a strong time in life, a wealth of expertise and the ability to look to the future, all that we are successful at. Edukai wants to play its part in developing the competitiveness and vitality of the Kainuu region.

Website: https://www.edukai.fi/


DAFNI KEK is a non-profit Lifelong Learning Center based in the Achaia area of Western Greece. Our goal is to promote adult education and lifelong learning as a means to strengthen critical thinking, active participation, democratic values and solidarity. We make use of non-formal techniques to help us strengthen participation and outreach especially of people from disadvantaged backgrounds that are systematically excluded. We mainly work with Erasmus+ projects that allow us to create free educational materials for both educators and learners.

Website: https://www.kekdafni.gr/en/

Supporting Migrants Integration Life Experience Skills

Proj. no: 2018-1-FR01-KA204-048168

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