Our thoughts…

Our thoughts

Kick-Off Meeting - Saint Gaudens

“Looking forward to discover new things for the next exchange meetings.”

“It is important to put training into practice to check its effectiveness”

“It is always good to get to know good people and organizations, especially in a place like this where such great work is done!!!”

2nd Meeting – Tenerife

“It was extremely interesting knowing a European reality, insular and physically distant from the nearest European realities”

“What an opportunity to meet the migrants associations representatives! “

“It was great experiencing the inclusive atmosphere of the island, the RED CROSS voluntarism on integration, the creative initiatives of the migrant assosiations to involve locals and newcomers in common issues via film making, seminars etc”

“It is really important to share good practices in an easy and spontaneous way. The empathic approach to get in touch with different ways of working in the social field, was amazing”

3rd meeting Meeting - Trieste

“Excellent opportunity to enlarge our network”

“It was a nice mobility. Seeing the italian team doing such an amazing job in such a complicated political environment set a true example, they are all amazing. Getting to know people from different countries and different backgrounds was really interesting.”

“Well organised, the mobility gave participants the opportunity to exchange and share ideas and practical knowledge in the area of refugees/migrants’ inclusion and about working methods.”

“The conference was very interesting and allowed me to learn about the work of Franco Basaglia. More than all the activities, the informal times we had, when we discussed our everyday works and how we dealt with our jobs, made me feel connected to other social workers through Europe.”

Supporting Migrants Integration Life Experience Skills

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